created by a hairdresser for hairdressers

cody ferro creative director

Bringing a creative edge to a conservative clientele is commonplace for this Washington D.C. area salon owner. His drive and passion is sharing with  fellow professionals around the country through seminars and events. During the work week, you can find him not only bringing the latest inspiration to his thriving clientele, but exploring creative ideas through collaboration with local photographers and fashion designers, volunteering as a guest speaker in area beauty schools, and even working at New York Fashion Week.

However his true passion lies in education; Cody brings a unique point of view to hairdressing education through his appreciation of the industry and a background in fine arts; his career began in the theatre, and he enjoys pursuing creativity in multiple mediums. However what drives him is sharing his love of hairdressing with other professionals and, exploring how hairdressers can fully express themselves through their work. He takes an upbeat and quirky approach in seminars and events to help fellow professionals see things in a new way and leave excited and inspired.

Cody looks forward to continuing his already rewarding career by sharing his passion for hair with clients and hairdressers alike!

Independently developed, DMV based hairdressing education. We utilize fundamental art & design principles to empower creativity & inspire individual artistry.

we believe in elevating the industry as a whole.

Unlike most education, we don’t hand out gimmicks or recipes. We develop innovative classes that are designed to bring out your unique point of view & help you embrace your unique creative self.

let’s create together.